4 Things We Learn About Just Nesh Before Her Comedy Central ‘Next Level’ Special

As mentioned, Kevin Hart has kicked off another stand-up series highlighting several upcoming people in comedy. This Sunday he will help introduce Just Nesh from Chicago on Comedy Central’s newest series Next Level with Kevin Hart. The half hour stand-up series serves as a new platform for stand-up comedians looking to reach a larger audience. If you can recall a few years ago we spoke with Nesh, and we were able to briefly catch up with her again. She answered a few of our questions to let us know what she’s been up to, and even what joke we should lookout for when her special airs this Sunday at 11/10c on Comedy Central.

CH: How have things been for you since your last talk with Comedy Hype in 2014? Any new moves outside of your upcoming special?

JN: Things have been amazing since my last talk with Comedy Hype in 2014. I’ve been able to tour the country hosting comedy shows for Dick Gregory as well as Deray Davis. I’ve also been able to land a couple of movie roles in independent films shot in Chicago. Outside of the upcoming special, I’m looking forward to working on a couple of projects with 2 major tv networks.

CH: Is there a back story to you deciding to choose the color red for your hair?

JN: When I first decided to wear my hair red, it was only because I thought it looked good on me. Now I have to keep it red forever because that’s how people identify me. If people can’t remember my name, they’ll say the comedian with red hair and glasses. Lol maybe I’ll change it once I make it big.

CH: How was your time with Kevin Hart; did you learn something from being around him?

JN: Working with Kevin Hart was great. He’s super personable and humble and I appreciate him keeping that humility throughout all his success.

CH: What’s your favorite joke that will air on the upcoming special and why?

JN: My favorite joke that will air (if it wasn’t edited out lol) is the joke I do about my roommate/son. I like it because it’s true and often times people think I’m making it up. It’s such a fun story to tell.

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