5 Funniest Web Series Out Now: From Brilliant Idiots To All Def Digital’s For The First Time

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There are times when you can’t just find something watchable on TV. At such times what do you do? You get on the web and enjoy some rib cracking series! Some of the series covered here are amongst the most interesting you will ever find online. They also offer the perfect way to wind down the clock while on a commute.

1. For The First Time by All Def Digital

This is an intriguing web series that is a must see for everyone interested in the cultural melting pot of America. The show seeks to throw down the cultural boundaries and stereotypes by letting people from different races try something outside of their race for the first time. Some of the most interesting episodes of the series include, ‘Black People Try White People Food ‘For the First Time‘ , “Mexican’s Try Vegan Soul Food For The First Time”, “White People Play Dominoes For the First Time” etc. We are still holding out for them to do a “People Play Bingo For The First Time” episode with focus on the modern bingo sites like the ones here on pgbingo.com. Instalments are between 5 and 8 minutes long.

2. Actors On Actors by Variety

It is going to be fun having an actor under the spotlight as an anchor grills them on interesting and sometimes edgy questions. You can understand therefore, when we say that this series is double the fun and double the intrigue. It brings together A-list actors & comedians as both hosts and guests for the show every episode. It first aired in 2014 and is still running. Some of the main stars that have been on the show as hosts or guests include: Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson, Ian McKellen, Will Smith, Benedict Cumberbatch, Eddie Redmayne, Emilia Clarke and dozens of others. This episode featuring Ian McKellen and Cate Blanchett is a favourite for many.

3. Brilliant Idiots (Podcast Series) by Andrew Schulz And Charlamagne Tha God

Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz come together in a podcast to discuss the issues of the week. They cover everything from the popular to the bizarre. It gets pretty heated when they are discussing topics like transgender issues, child support, politics and other such issues, but most importantly, there is a funny side to all the arguments. The podcast is a bit long, so it isn’t something you can quickly digest while on a quick commute. Give it a go late evening and you will be hooked. It is never boring!

4. This Is Not Happening (stand-up series) by Comedy Central

With this series, Comedy Central brings together all your favourite comedians in one place. They release medium length clips to the over 5 million subscribers on their YouTube channel. There is a good chance you will become a subscriber too after your first episode! Some of the comedians you will find on the show include, Joey Diaz, Artie Lange, Felipe Esparza, Kate Willet, Annie Lederman and many more. Clips are usually 10-20 minutes long but can be as lengthy as an hour.

5. Angelo’s Mom

Ever wanted to know how geek moms live daily life? This is the perfect series for you. This geek mom is filmed as she goes about all her day to day activities. The series covers everything from baby care to cooking. The series is not quite as popular as some others on this list but it is usually worth the 8 minutes.

These are some of the very best web series you can find today. Have you been following any? Which of them are your favorites?

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