5 Things We Learned About Comedian Will “Spank” Horton On The Ignant Agenda

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This Sunday (June 18th), Will “Spank” Horton of the Plastic Cup Boyz will be dropping off a new Comedy Central with Kevin Hart apart of the series The Next Level. Before we see him take to the stage for his new body of work he spoke with host Waymoflydenu of The Ignant Agenda podcast. In the one on one conversation we learn several things about the comedian;

1. Started Getting Serious About Comedy in 2006 When He Started Touring

Spank states that he began his journey as a comedian in 2001 but began taking the craft serious between 2006-2007 when he saw the business side of things while traveling with Kevin Hart.

2. Says Successful Comedians Need Confidence

When asked what makes a successful comedian he explains that the key is confidence, “you definitely need confidence” . He further clarifies that ” Anybody can go on stage and repeat jokes like Eddie, Richard Pryor and even todays comedians like Kevin Hart,but thats not you though, they are not laughing at you. You have to come up with your own material, something has to be unique about you and your material”.

3. Doesn’t Post His Wife On Social Media For Fear She Could End Up Hosting Club Events

When asked about a running joke on about him hiding his wife and never posting her on platforms like twitter and social media he stated, ” Im cool with Joe Budden he posts his ladies and they become celebs and host parties. I don’t want my wife out here hosting parties. If I post her she is going to start getting a lot of followers and when your lady gets a lot of followers people start hitting them up to host parties and I don’t want my wife out here hosting fish fry’s. I post her on holidays and anniversaries but my wife is beautiful”.

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4. Thoughts On Certain Topics Being Off Limits

I don’t shy away from gay jokes I have bits about what if my son was gay.You can talk about everything it has to be creative it cant just come off ignorant and rude.You can talk about everything but you shouldn’t talk about everything you have to pick your poison. Thats what I use twitter for I throw it out there to see what people think about it and if the feminist come to my mentions I am not about to talk about it I will leave it alone”.

5. He Doesn’t Like To Be Fully Ready For His Show Before He Gets To The Venue

Its going to be weird, I shower at the hotel I head to the venue, I don’t brush my hair I don’t brush my teeth I don’t put deodorant on, I don’t put lotion on, until I get to the venue. So walking into the venue I look terrible”

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