Artist Promotion Services

Hip Hop Illustrated is devoted to bringing you the best in hip-hop & urban culture, but we also need you to make it happen. Here at Hip Hop Illustrated we understand the importance of marketing, promoting, and getting new music to music enthusiasts worldwide.

The Importance of Artist Promotion Services

The days of door to door marketing and selling mixtapes on the street are slowly fading into the past. In order for an artist to be cutting edge & make an impact with their music, they need to be embedded within the latest digital trends of promoting their music. It’s all about Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and utilizing SEO to get an artist’s music to the fans. But the artist shouldn’t be the one worrying sending out their music to all the blogs and begging for exposure; focusing on cultivating their skills and producing quality content for their fans should be of the utmost priority.

What We Do Here @ Hip Hop Illustrated

We understand that being an artist is time consuming, so we like to erase the hassle of artist having to promote their own music, and we get the job done for them.We offer Artist Promotion Packages that will suit the needs of rappers, singers, producers, and musicians.

Hip Hop Illustrated offers a variety of artist promotion service packages to choose from, and Triple Seize Media Network makes it easy for you to select the right package & begin the process of having your music potentially reach thousands of fans across the nation. We do all the hard work for you, so let us take a weight off your shoulders and promote your music to the masses!! 

Ready to start using our artist promotion services today? Then click here to view the packages we offer. Let our team here at Hip Hop Illustrated take your music career to the next level with our excellent promotion, marketing, and advertising campaigns. So what are you waiting for?!

The world is ready to hear your music!

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