Bugus – Won’t Freeze (Prod. Dartlin)

Bugus - Won't Freeze (Prod. Dartlin)
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when the world gets cold im strong as Timbs
make a plan then
i smoke a blunt as long as limbs
wonder why i change my number
i dont talk to simps
so many legs on my tour now i gotta limp
im recording i got real important songs to lay
im the warden i couldd give niggas bars for days
rappers all sound the same and its all so lame
take control and maintain thats the art of the game
every since 2010 wonder when it would pop
all my mothafuckin fans askin when will it drop
always knowin where im goin i jus follow my soul
high off life like i smoked it back to back from bowl

doin my thang like nothin happened
hell wont freeze
ill neva quit rappin (x2)
i know i was younger i was lookin
i was wishin for a label to come and sign me
i know i was younger i was dumber my brother just know those days are behind me

moving like time
i wait for nobody
its all love
i got hate for nobody
weed makes me funny
every beat taste yummy
rappers talk about money
but they really dont got it
seen too much to ever settle for less
listen to myself
i always seem to know whats best
you can text my phone but i dont use it
id rather put a message in my music


IG & TWITTER: @bugusdiemon @dartlin

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