Linux Is Like A Wigwam

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Nerd – Viral Viral Videos


Drone Does The Best Trick Shots!

Technology is everywhere today. So let’s use it in a useful way and make a drone score some insane trick…


Don’t Mix Electricity And Water! Let These Guys Do It For You!

Practically everyone knows electricity and water together is not a very good idea. These guys do as well, but yeah,…

Dude Perfect Have A Virtual Reality Battle

It is like the guys from Dude Perfect have an ongoing video battle. This one is one of the favorites…

Funny Sketch: That Mate Who’s Too Into His Beer

A funny sketch going viral right now by Third Leg Studios who demonstrate to us that there are honorable people…

Playing Portal In Augmented Reality With HoloLens

Cool adaptation by KennyWdev who got over 400,000 views – and probably people who wish for a version like this…

The Map Of Mathematics

If you want to up your nerd-level, just watch this video by Dominic Walliman about the different fields of math….

Mega Man In 24,922 Dominoes

Cool little domino setting with a Mega Man motive by TheDominoKing. Four days of work went into this video. “I’ve…