Dino Archie Reveals Track List To ‘Settling Old Scores’ Comedy Album

dino archie

As announced on September 15th, Dino Archie is releasing his second indie comedy album, Settling Old Scores and we here at Comedy Hype are lucky to be showcasing the project from the stand-up comedian. As we await it’s arrival; Archie has now revealed the 10 tracks produced by Kevvy that we can look out for as listed below and on the album’s back cover.

  1. Kait
  2. Twenty Minutes
  3. Oh Canada 
  4. Don
  5. Trdeau
  6. Text & Drive 
  7. On The Edge
  8. Password
  9. Netflix & Kill
  10. Beloved Creep

If you follow us on Twitter (@ComedyHype) you would have seen our live discussion with Dino today. In the nearly 1hr conversation you would have learned that the name Settling Old Scores comes from him observing that most of his stage material had him bringing up old gripes, which he found funny. When Settling Old Scores premieres you will be able to hear it exclusively on ComedyHype.Com. And for those who will be in Vancouver on September 15th you will be able to check out Archie’s album release party at Fortune Sound Club located in Vancouver’s Chinatown at 147 E. Pender Street. Info here.

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