Here’s The First Episode Of Hannibal Buress’s ‘Handsome Rambler’ Podcast

Hannibal Buress
So yesterday Hannibal Buress finally jumped into the podcast world with the launch of his Handsome Rambler podcast. In the series Hannibal will talk about a variety of things. He went on to explain why he decided to try a podcast and suggested it’s never too late to do so.

Hannibal Buress is the latest comedian making a move into the podcast world. Each episode of Handsome Rambler is described as being “packed with Hannibal’s latest road stories and thoughts,” with fans able to access the Broad City star’s “unfiltered observations on sports, sex, wrestling, relationships, philosophy, books, watches, other podcasts, bottled water reviews.” Basically, anything goes on Handsome Rambler. The first episode landed this morning, October 20. In it Hannibal deals with a noisy neighbor, goes to an Obama fundraiser, discusses video games, and chats to a fan having issues with his father. You can stream the episode below, or subscribe to the podcast via Apple’s podcast app.



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