King Bach Talks To Comedy Hype; Working With Martin Lawrence, Meet The Blacks, And Upcoming Projects

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By Corey Tate 

If you’ve been paying attention to comedy’s new generation rising stars, you’re definitely familiar with the presence of King Bach. His clever use of technology resources like Vine and YouTube, have skyrocketed him into the same circles as several big named comedy veterans. From his roles in the Marlon Wayans’ movie, “Fifty Shades of Black”, Aaron McGruder’s “Black Jesus”, Mindy Kaling’s “The Mindy Project” and most recently,  in the upcoming comedy, “Meet The Blacks”.  King Bach took the time out to talk with Comedy Hype about this project and a various of other things going on in his career.

CH: You’re featured in the upcoming comedy film, “Meet The Blacks”. Can you tell us more about the film and the role you play?

BACH: Mike Epps’ character, “Carl Black”, has had a history of doing dirty business and making enemies over several years. In attempt to escape his old life, he moves his family to a nice neighborhood in Beverly Hills, in hopes that his enemies would never find him. Well, turns out he was wrong; they do find him. My character is one of those enemies. In the film, I play a rapper by the name of, “Freezee”, who Mike Epps’ character has wronged in the past. I also play the boyfriend of Breesha Webb’s character, Allie. What make it interesting, is that when Carl’s enemies do find him, all crime is legal for 12hrs and a purge begins to take place.

CH: The film, “Meet The Blacks” has tons of comedic influence and even has humor provided by people who aren’t comedians, like Mike Tyson. What was being on set like? Were there lots of funny antics going on behind the scenes?

BACH: I wasn’t on set when Mike Tyson was filming, but I’ve been around him and from my experience, he’s just a genuinely funny guy. But when I was on set, the cast was excellent. Lot of laughs and lots of good vibes.

CH: Recently, TIME Magazine named you, one of “The 30 Most Influential People On The Internet”. Older generations try dismiss or discredit the use of technology, like Vine and YouTube but you’ve used it to be progressive and make a name for yourself. In fact, you hold the Guinness Book of World Record for “Most Vine Followers”. How important is the use of social media in your life and career?

BACH: Social media is very important. It’s gotten me to the place that I’m at now. And honestly, I don’t pay attention to the older generations who try to invalidate the power of social media.
I’ve been successful by utilizing it. So it doesn’t bother me at all. It’s all love.

CH: And to piggyback on that, what’s your favorite social networks and why?

BACH: My favorite social networks are Snapchat and Instagram. I find it very cool and interesting that I can capture memories and events from my life and instantly share these things with my fans. I also like getting Snaps from DJ Khaled and taking in his motivational speeches. [Laughs]

CH: You’re one comedy’s fastest rising stars. Every rising star was influenced by people from a generation before them. And surely, there’s going to be someone that’s influenced by your body of work. Growing up, who were your comedy idols?

BACH: Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, and even though he wasn’t necessarily a comedian, I have to say Will Smith. Also Jamie Foxx. You know, all the veterans. And of course, you can’t talk about comedy idols without mentioning Richard Pryor.

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CH: Speaking of comedy veterans, you and Martin Lawrence filmed an Instagram sketch, which was awesome because it was like the merging of two worlds; Martin is of the pre-internet era and you’re basically the essence of today’s internet era. How do you feel about the news that “Bad Boys 3” is actually going to happen? Also, what was it like working with Martin?

BACH: I think it’s great that this film is going to happen. I’m excited for it. I also like the fact that Martin and I working together allows us to cross over into each other’s fan bases, which is a great opportunity for both of us gain new fans.

CH: Comedians have been known to transition from comedy to entrepreneurship. Such as Steve Harvey with books, producing films and other things. Do you have similar plans?

BACH: Definitely. That’s one of my ultimate goals. I love comedy and I want to tap into every aspect of the business.

CH: You’ve worked with artists who come from various different backgrounds. Such as King Keraun, who comes from an internet-based background, but also someone like DeRay Davis whose career is rooted in stand-up. Do you notice any differences between working with a stand-up comedian and a digital star?

BACH: Yes, but it’s a great thing. In comedy, everyone has different styles and I have a chance to learn from everyone. For example, DeRay Davis has mastered both; he’s perfected his onstage skillset and his on-camera skillset. I’ve learned that telling jokes on stage is a different ball game from doing comedy on camera. And I’m happy to be around someone like DeRay, because I would like to learn the craft of comedy in all aspects. And to make sure that happens, I’m touring every weekend doing stand-up, trying to perfect the craft.

CH: You’ve been featured in projects with some of comedy’s biggest names. To name a few, Marlon Wayans, Mike Epps and Mindy Kaling. Are you currently developing your own projects, that you’ll star in? I.e – a sitcom, a movie, etc?

BACH: For sure. I actually sold a show to FOX, that’s currently being developed. The project will be executively produced by Key and Peele and I’ll be playing the lead character.

king bach

CH: If you could put together a dream team cast of people to work with, who would be on it?

BACH: Wow, that’s a hard one [Laughs]. Here are some characters I’d pick. Red, leather tracksuit Eddie Murphy from “Delirious”, Kevin Hart from the movie, “Soul Plane”, Jamie Foxx from “The Jamie Foxx Show” and of course, Martin Lawrence from “Martin”. That would be my dream team cast.

CH: We’ve seen you shine in every comedic role that you’ve been in. But you’re a very multi-talented artist who has the artistic range to do other things. Will we eventually be seeing you in dramatic roles, also?

BACH: I actually did a yet-to-be released dramatic film titled, “Shot Callers”. It was great because I was able to work with people like, Omari Hardwick from the STARZ show, “Power”. He and I had a scene together, where it got pretty emotional. So yeah, I definitely like to tapping into the dramatic side of acting.

CH: Are there any other upcoming projects that your fans should be looking out for?

BACH: Aside from “Meet The Blacks”, I actually have another movie coming out this year, called “The Babysitter”. The movie was directed by the legendary, McG, who has a background of doing films like, “Charlie’s Angels” and has also directed music videos for major artist like P. Diddy. So, I’m very excited about this film.

You can catch King Bach in the upcoming movie, “Meet The Blacks”, on Friday, April 1st.

By Corey Tate 

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