Guapdad 4000 – Snitchy From The 9 Is A Bitch

guapdad 4000 snitchy from the 9 is a bitch

Rising West Coast rapper Guapdad 4000 shares his thoughts on the circulating video of Skinnyfromthe9 speaking to the police with a new song called “Snitchy From The 9 Is A Bitch.”

Listen below.

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Mitch – G.Y.M. (Feat. Too Short) (Official Music Video)

mitch too short gym video

Mitch delivered his Girl Power EP last week and now the 4Hunnid artist returns with an official music video for “G.Y.M.” featuring Too Short.

Watch below. Girl Power is available on Apple Music, Spotify, and other digital services now.

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MC Ren – King Villain

mc ren king villain

MC Ren returns from a lengthy hiatus with a new song called “King Villain.”

The N.W.A. rapper said this about the release:

“The record is just me talking shit, some villain shit. I’m letting fools know they ain’t shit, they’re wack, and my shit is hard. I’ve got other things coming, but for “King Villain,” that’s the vibe I got from the beat. The beat was so different and moving. My son engineered it, and Fredwreck mastered it for the icing on the cake. This is the first time in all my career that I had a mic at my house to record. I’ve had equipment to do beats and shit like that, but I never had it where I could just record from the house. So now, I just go in there and get down. With this track, I wanted something different. A lot of people from my era stick to the script a lot of the times and don’t want to go from that blueprint. On “King Villain” I just wanted to do something totally different, get out of my element and try something totally new. From here on out I just want to do new shit. I might rap on a reggae record, a rock record, or whatever. I’m just wanting to do something different, and not the regular type shit. I’m open to new things.”

Listen to “King Villain” below or download a copy on iTunes now.

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