Reginald ‘Bruh Man’ Ballard Tells Comedy Hype A ‘Martin’ Reboot Isn’t In The Works, And Plays A Game Of ‘Martin Trivia’

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As an upcoming night of Martin Trivia Live gets ready in Los Angeles on March 31st (Tickets here), We spoke to one of it’s loved cast members, actor Reginald Ballard known as Bruh Man. In his talk with Comedy Hype he briefly shares his laid back style, working with comedy greats, rumors of Martin series returning and his career.

CH: You mentioned that you were an actor acting like a stand-up comedian in previous interviews, what came first for you? Acting or stand-up comedy?

RB: The acting came first for me. I started acting before I did comedy. The first acting gig I did was called The Trials Of Rosie O’niell and then I did True Colors and a host of other things. When Martin came out is when I started doing comedy.

CH: After all these years and seeing so many people come and go. How have you found that balance in having a career in entertainment?

RB: Well you know, they always say, “The cream rises to the top”. I did two great shows. Feel like I got my Masters degree on Martin and my PHD on The Bernie Mac Show. That’s how it worked out. You know the generation coming up are seeing it because it’s still out there. And I’m always on the road a lot.

CH: One thing you’re known for is a laid back style, as we speak, can’t help but to notice that’s who you really are?

RB: That’s me man. I’m from Texas man. That’s what we do. We’re laid back in Texas, “If it don’t get done today, it will get done tomorrow” A lot of where I’m from is in Bruh Man. Galveston, Texas we’re a laid back island. If we want to chill we got to a beach man. The beach is from walking distance from everybody house. Anybody can walk to the beach out here.

CH: There’s a meme that was recently was floating around suggesting Martin was coming back and many people weren’t happy to see that with Tommy Ford. Is a reboot of Martin a real thing?

RB: Nah. That conversation has been going on for years even when Tommy was alive. It could be done but no one that I know of is talking about doing it again.

CH: We talked about you being on both Martin and The Bernie Mac show, have to ask, who had you cracking up the most on set?

Man, when Martin used to do Improv in scenes. I cried (laughing) every time I saw him do the Dragon Fly Jones in person. I would be rolling. For Bernie he would tell us some great stuff off the set. I think I had more fun on Bernie because it was a little more laid back. Bernie would let you do you. They would say action and we would just start talking and get into our lines. I had a ball on both of them. I learned so much. Both had big hearts.

CH: Not sure if you’re familiar about the Martin Trivia Game that’s getting known out here? It’s a game that features questions specifically about Martin. Had a few cards and wanted to see how well you know Martin?

RB: [Laughs] Ok

CH: Why did Martin Travel to Chicago when Gina went there for a business trip?

RB: It was C. [Laughs], because he thought she was cheating (Correct)

CH: On The Varnell Hill episode, A little girl asked for Martin’s autograph, who did she think he was?

RB: Gary Coleman [Laughs]. You know I was actually on that episode but they cut that out. They didn’t think it would make since that Bruh Man would go to Hollywood. (Correct)

CH: When Martin was missing, why did Gina ask Tommy to borrow $ 100?

RB: That was a good one, I’m going to say B. to put Martin’s picture on Milk cartoons (Incorrect)

CH: When auditioning for The Notorious BIG, what was Pam’s stage name?

RB: Anita Faker, [Laughs] That was season 4? (Incorrect)

If any of you in Los Angeles would like to give Martin Trivia a shot be sure to check out the upcoming night for Martin Trivia Live on March 31st, get your tickets here. If you would like to continue seeing what Reggie Ballard is up to, he can be found on Instagram and social media at @Bruhman_5flo. And also catch him on the road at these upcoming stops for his stand-up, below.

Upcoming Dates

April 8 – Poughkeepsie, NY at Mystic Cafe

April 15th – Denver, Colorado at Randall’s At The Climax

May 13 – Greensboro, North Carolina at Greensboro Coliseum Complex

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