Lindsay Lohan gets punch3d in the face after harassing a refugee family

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Althea Eaton Heart has a new man! Mystery man has an emoji smiley face! #LHHATL

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Exclusive: Can You Guess The Face? Glozell & Timothy DeLaGhetto Stop By ‘Trivial Takedown’

Tonight we will see a new episode of Trivial Takedown air on FUSE at 11PM EST. The series which is…

The Human Face Puppet

Pretty cool project by this funny dude! The post The Human Face Puppet appeared first on Viral Viral Videos. Funny…

Face Plant

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Hannibal Buress Kicked! Flavor Flav In The Face On The Eric Andre Show

    That took a sudden turn. A while back we saw a quick preview of Public Enemy’s own Flavor Flav…

Tape Face Performs Mime Show With Howie Mandel On America’s Got Talent

Without a doubt, the most talked about contestant on this season of America’s Got Talent is definitely Tape Face. His completely mute…