The Dream Flaunts His New Blonde Look

After losing a basketball bet, hitmaker The Dream had to give himself a blonde makeover. Check out what Mr. Nash is flaunting inside…

It’s a blonde beard and ‘stache for Terius Nash.  No…he’s not gearing up for an attention craving cosmetic new look much like his ex-wife Christina Milian did with that platinum bleached blonde look a while back.  He went blonde all because of a bet.  His home team the Hawks lost to the Raptors on Sunday.  So this was the result.  Dream tweeted yesterday:

Losing a bet is as wack as this blonde beard. Thanks Atlanta Hawks

He also tweeted he’s now looking for black dye.  Good.  Because dude looks every bit like a Honey flavored Teddy Graham right about now.

And apparently he’s real confident in his hair maintenance skills now as he tweeted his other ex-wife, Nivea, about how he just did their daughter’s hair himself:

@thisisNIVEA. Just got finish [Washing], conditionong, platting, and flat ironong your daughters Hair. Damn I’m so Dope! Lol


Dream is gearing up to drop his upcoming album, The Love; IV (Diary of A Madman) soon.

The Young, Black, and Fabulous

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