Usain Bolt x Puma – Holiday 2011 Footwear

Usain Bolt x Puma   Holiday 2011 Footwear

The phrase “The Michael Jordan of . . . ” is one of the more common sports expressions you might hear, though some have seen fit to rewrite it with MJ as the “Wayne Gretzky of basketball”.  Apples and oranges aside, both of these guys were lightyears ahead of their competition, a couple of luminary figures during the mid-’80s through the ’90s who dominated their games unlike anyone before or since.  And when the guy for whom this latest pack of sneakers was created is someone so fast he can gallop to a world record Olympic gold medal while looking back to taunt all the runners-up, you know there’s a valid comparison at hand.  Jamaican sprinting superman Usain Bolt hasn’t had as many signature shoes as MJ, but just like numbers 23 and 99, he is indeed among the sports world’s most impressive figures.  This new trio brings past and present together with the future of casual style as we see the Puma RS1Faas 400 and Hawthorne Trinomic in simple yet expressive neon-accented colorways.  Look at all three pairs after the jump, let us know which one’s best and pick yours up from a Puma retailer like Overkill.

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Read the rest of 011 Footwear

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